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I’ve been complaining that alts aren’t really exciting, and now I have to eat my words because I am having a blast with my hunter!

Muffin tabard lives on! My alt guild is VIVA LA MUFFIN – I like having all of them in one place so I can stash low level mats in a gbank and they can easily go to whichever alt needs them. Lysippae is accompanied by the gentleman crab, Soggleby. I love my crab, who was one of my very first pets, but I can’t wait until I can tame exotic pets! I really want a nether ray pet, and maybe a corehound too.


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A few things.

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented with some ret paladin tips. I haven’t had a chance to ret it up and test things out yet, because most of the time I just want to pull up my healer britches and take the easy way through some heroics. Seriously, I don’t know what I would do if I had to wait in those dps queue times all the time!

What I have been doing is playing my hunter alt. Lysippae’s a wee level 40, and the result of 30 granted levels through RAF, so I’ve really only played her for 10 levels. I think I’m doing a decent job of learning, though, and she and her crab, Soggleby, are zooming along just fine when I bother to log in and level. A couple of days ago I played her for the first time since the new dungeon system debuted. Before the new LFG I did enjoy leveling through dungeons, but it was always hard to find a group and I mostly only did it on characters that I could heal with. Now with the cross-server groups, I find that the queue pops quickly and there’s generally no confusion about who is filling what role.

But something about getting into the instance at that level generates all sorts of other confusion! I had an SM Cathedral group where everyone seemed to be doing their own thing. We had a rogue who insisted on sapping, yet always seemed to break out of stealth and come running back to the tank with at least two packs of mobs. Our healer seemed to sometimes suffer from OOOH SHINY OBJECT syndrome and would wander off. Since I’m usually a healer but can’t do much beyond mend pet and bandaging on the hunter, I was freaking out and trying to save our tank while he slowly dipped lower and lower in health. Eventually we made it into the Cathedral building and the tank goes one way, the healer and rogue go the other way, and the entire group implodes when half of the Cathedral is beating us to death and the tank and healer are yelling at each other. My other two groups have both been Uldaman, an instance where I’m not particularly comfortable because I’ve always skipped over it in the past and am not familiar with the layout. In both cases we suffered from a lack of communication, and members of the group wandering in different directions. I usually tried to stick with the tank, but sometimes we found ourselves healerless, or even the only two out of five to have stuck together.

I think that might have killed my interest in leveling my hunter through dungeons, at least, but I would love to give it a shot if I ever level a shaman. I think I’m just too attached to healing to pick another role. Or maybe I’ll even go with a warrior – after all, I leveled Orithea as prot and tanked instances all the way up to 80.

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The fact that a background downloader for Patch 3.3 is going up, and the information about the way that the raid instances will be unlocked, has me very excited about the coming weeks. \o/ Even though I will probably be missing two 25 man raiding nights due to going home for the holidays and my laptop’s lack of graphics power, boo.

In other news, I’m trying to re-educate myself in holy paladining. I picked up the 51/20/0 bubble/divine sac spec that was supposed to be all the rage, but I find myself unimpressed, and I think that the information I was working with was outdated anyway. So I’ll keep poking about and see how things go.

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Just a small update, because I didn’t manage to finish my extra special surprise theme post finished this week due to laze.

I’ve been told that picking on one of our officers, Hunt, has been a guild pastime for a long time. It makes me laugh when people who aren’t even in our guild are in on it. He was on an alt in this raid, so it was obviously someone who knew him.

Picking on hunters in general is hilarious to me.

We do a lot of joking in g and raid channels while we’re raiding, and I think that really takes some of the pressure off and makes things fun. I have a blast with people who have a great sense of humor. Most of what I screenshot ends up being dirty jokes, like the time Amber asked before Northrend Beasts, “Which worm do I grab?” and was answered “Mine.” by one of the guys. Or Frostscourge letting us know that he has a searing totem (the new demote ranking) in his pants. Here’s a clean one.

And this post wouldn’t be complete if there weren’t something that I’m angry and want to bitch about. Are you someone who likes to tell everyone how to play their class and give them unsolicited, completely basic advice any time that something goes slightly wrong? Then you can DIAF.

Really? That’s how you’re supposed to play a holy paladin? I guess only having been one for months and having kept you up through the other heroics so far, I just wouldn’t know. This shit is right up there with saying “heal me!” I can understand trying to help out someone who’s absolutely floundering (I will sometimes whisper paladins or priests and politely offer help if they’re interested – I’ve only done it a few times and each time they have accepted and thanked me), but when you tell someone to do things that they were already doing, you’re not helping at all.

I also ran into this problem yesterday when I tried to heal a tank with 26k HP buffed through heroic ToC. I hate discriminating against tanks solely on HP, because I know that everyone has to start somewhere, but without a buffer for me to give attention to the other people as needed, the Black Knight is just extremely difficult to heal as a paladin, and especially when the tank has aggro issues and I’m covered in ghouls. Everyone started giving me pointers like “just focus on keeping the tank topped off all the time”, which is kind of insulting, because HELLO, that is my job, I know that’s what I need to do. Eventually after about 5 wipes, the tank disconnected, we found a new one, and completed with no problems.

I need to start thinking about things in WoW that make me happy, because PuG crap and all the other things I’ve complained about lately are making me very grumpy.

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My second week of screenshot Tuesday and already I fail! I guess nothing particularly interesting enough to screenshot has happened in the last week, with one notable exception.

I felt bad about the fact that my poor warlock has been sitting at 77 for longer than I can remember. Pre-patch 3.2 I leveled her up to 77 so that she could fly in Northrend and be my gatherbitch. After dropping herbalism for Engineering and spending most of Saturday and Sunday leveling it, I got myself into gear and got her to 80 yesterday afternoon. Now for the mind-numbing heroic farming for badges to gear up. Currently she’s hitcapped, but still rocking some old level 80 epics that I didn’t find upgrades for, and getting measly 1.4k dps at best.

The story behind this screenshot is one of fail, because I wasn’t fast enough with my Command + Shift +3 (that’s right, Mac in the house) to get the actual awesomeness here, which was that my little dragon form was holding a mining pick. I was squealing too hard for a timely shot, so you get this plus a story instead.

Amber already blogged about yesterday’s fail raid. Usually we get through ToC 25 without much trouble until we hit Anub, who we still haven’t managed to down, despite spanking him weekly in 10 man. But last night, there was just an aura of bad, I guess, because we were making a lot of noob mistakes. I definitely saw a certain person who our healing channel is named after standing still and letting all the orbs hit him in the butt on the Twins, while I was running around trying to soak up what I could, like, you know, you’re supposed to. Not to say that I was blameless – I started off the night as the shadow priest bitch (which I’m surprised to find, I don’t mind! Rejoice!) and was asked to switch to healing on Jaraxxus after we lolflailed and wiped a time or two. I switched specs but left on my +hit gear, which really gimped me mana-wise, though I never went completely dry. /facepalm

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