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Raiding ADHD

I’ve reached a weird point in World of Warcraft. I enjoy playing, but only when it involves doing things that I don’t have to pay attention to. Everything in ICC up to Dreamwalker? Check, I am happy to raid this because I can dps or heal while talking about rainbows and ballsacks (these may or may not be actual topics of conversation) in three different chat channels.

New content? AHAHA. I have new content ADHD. I can’t wrap my brain around learning new things right now, so instead I babble about boobs and then try to LOL my way through while not understanding at all what is going on. Honestly, until we had done Rotface and Festergut a few times, that’s how I handled those fights as well. Our raid leader gives long explanations over vent about the fine details of each new encounter, and my brain starts going BZZZT and I catch maybe 30 seconds out of the full 5 minutes.

Despite this, we got our first Dreamwalker … kill? Heal? Last night after a few flawed tries. Putricide, being the fight that we hadn’t seen before, was a complete bust, though. I know that I am confused and don’t have a clue what I’m doing when I start shouting “FUCKLE” at the screen.

Sure, I may not be taking raiding seriously or living up to the best of my potential because of my new inability to concentrate or give a damn, but I’m having fun!


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When I first came back to the game there was so much to do that it was nearly impossible to be bored. I was way behind the gear curve, for one thing. Because Celaeno had been an alt who was only allowed to bid dkp (from my main’s pool /cry) on items that no one else wanted, she mostly had a mishmash of BoEs that I picked up off the AH and things from Naxx 25 that no one wanted. Considering that ToC was in full swing when I came back and there was no way that I could step in there with gear like that, I had plenty of busting to do to get ready. But that was cool, because I wanted to run heroics to get used to playing again and hone up my skills, and badges would get me to an acceptable gear level. Then after my main set was caught up, there was my shadow set to work on, then buying heirlooms for my rogue alt. And now? There’s absolutely nothing I need from badges and I’m practically sick of running heroics. So what’s a girl to do to keep the boredom and burnout from setting in?

For me, it’s achievements. There are a lot of things that I had on my paladin that I want to get on my priest now, not to mention things I just never got around to doing on any of my characters. I need things that are easy to do solo and maybe without my full attention (because really, things that get my full attention are the vast minority). Here’s a list so far:

Ambassador of the Alliance – I’m working on this one this morning. I’m 60% through revered with Ironforge and Gnomeregan, exalted with the rest. Getting Ambassador will also open up my Crusader title and dailies.
Exalted with the Kurenai – I’m just at the beginning of revered, so lots of ogre kills to go.
Exalted with Netherwing – I started working on this on Saturday, I’m at honored now. Thankfully I did this on Orithia back in the day and the eggs are easy for me to find from memory.
Exalted with Shatari Skyguard – Thinking about this one makes me want to cry. Neutral right now, meaning lots of feathery slaughter ahead.
Baron Rivendare’s Mount – The Forsaken are my favorite race and all of my Horde characters reached exalted with them for the mount, because there’s nothing I hate more than riding a chicken. I really miss my bony ponies, so if I want one now, this is what I’ve gotta do. I had over 50 kills on Orithia with no luck, let’s hope Cel’s RNG is better.
Argent Dawn Exalted – I miss having an Argent Champion title. This should come easily with farming for the Baron’s mount.
Explorer Title – Another one I had on Orithia before, time consuming but not difficult.
Pet farming – Specifically, the dark and azure whelplings, the oozling, and the firefly.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but it’s a daunting enough list. I’ll probably think of things to add after I knock off a few. There’s one additional big thing that I want to accomplish but don’t see happening any time soon: I want to get Ulduar down. Because I stopped playing the very week it came out and didn’t come back to raiding until after ToC was released, I haven’t seen everything there, and I really want to be able to say that I’ve downed Yogg-Saron. I know there are others in the guild who want to do it too, so hopefully we can make regular attempts.

Have any suggestions for other ways to beat the boredom?

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