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Yelling “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE PORTAL LOOKS LIKE WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING” over Vent during your guild’s first attempt at Dreamwalker will instantly out you as someone who does not watch the tankspot videos.

If you do it with enough panic in your voice, it might get you laughs like it did for me though!


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BoO stepped back into Ulduar last night with plans to get to Yoggy and finally smack him around successfully. Because I quit raiding the very week that Ulduar premiered and didn’t come back until September, Ulduar is still very new to me, and I’ve done the bosses through Hodir twice at the most, and nothing beyond Thorim. It’s all very new to me, and even if it weren’t, just the format is far superior to ToC and feels more fun.

The best part is that we were just enjoying ourselves. We tried to knock out some hard modes and wiped repeatedly, but that was okay! Healing without replenishment was a little bit of a bitch, until Oasic and I started trading off on being shadow pew pew. Actually, the best part of the evening was when both of us were shadow for some trash pulls, leaving poor Kyr to heal all by himself.

I take that back, the best part of the evening was when they let me know that Amber’s Cranky Tank actually cracked a smile at my REALLY EXCITED statement about how much fun it is to ride the motorcycle for Flame Leviathan. Why, yes, I did have to say “beep beep” with my little girl voice!

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