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Socializing wut.

My goal for the next couple of weeks is to do more mingling within my guild. I think I generally tend to be friendly for someone who’s very shy – it took me a while to feel like I was really at home after I moved to Azgalor. Heck, I’m even still working on not being afraid to step on toes. But we have lots of new people and I want them to feel welcomed and help them get used to us as quickly as possible. For me it really doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a member of BoO, I want you to be able to get the jokes that get thrown around and have fun with everyone. Really my focus in playing WoW these days isn’t about hardcore raiding, getting gear, or being on top of progression – it’s having fun, period.

Lately there’s been talk of things getting cliquey. Personally, I think cliques are just bound to happen. In a group of 30 or so regular players, some of them are just going to get along better than others, because of personality types alone. Some people will be closer because of a shared role, like those of us who play healers in BoO and tend enjoy working together and socializing. I don’t really even get why clique has such a bad connotation when the group in question is in no way excluding others. Sure, I might be more likely to consider the people who I talk to regularly in the healer channel as my friends instead of just my guild mates (and that’s also because I talk to many of them outside of WoW as well), but I still mingle with and join groups with everyone else too. And lord knows, I do not keep my silly comments limited to just one place – gchat is just as much game for them as raid or other channels.

A group that does exclude others, I can see where that would be a problem. I felt very left out in one of my previous guilds, because almost all of the socialization took place on vent. I had a friend who would talk to me in our paladin channel, and he told me that people felt that I was unsocial because I never joined them on vent. That really hurt my feelings, because I thought that everyone understood that that wasn’t really an option for me. Having conversations on vent makes me nervous because I don’t hear very well, and while I know that people can be understanding about it, that just doesn’t change that it’s just not my preferred way of communication.

Maybe I do come off as cliquish and uninterested in mingling unintentionally? I certainly don’t mean to – I’m trying to have fun with and do things with everyone to the best of my ability.

As an extension of that, I’m picking my lolret experiment back up. I want to be able to run some heroics with other people who are also healers, but since there’s only one per group, I just need to get better at dps so that option is available to me as well. I have … no freaking clue what happened since the last time I tossed on my retribution garb and spec, but yesterday when I did it, I managed to actually hit 4k dps on the target dummies. That’s not WOW AMAZING by most standards, but for me? That’s double what I was doing before. I guess I just learned to push buttons better~! \o/ I’ve done a few heroics with about 3.5k sustained over the course of the run, and I’m pretty happy with that. I have a few pieces that need upgrading, so hopefully I’ll get lucky in some of the new Icecrown heroics. I especially need new trinkets, because I’m using one from Direbrew and the crafted Emerald Boar. Neither are bad, but something better might help. I’m also short on expertise – currently sitting at 16 out of the 28 points I need, I think.


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Ret experiment.

So how goes my attempt to make a viable dps spec for my paladin?

In a word: FAIL.

I have four pieces of T9 armor and have cobbled together items for every other slot that are mostly 213 ilevel and above. I’m hitcapped, expertise capped with glyph, socket strength pretty much everywhere else, and follow the Elitist Jerks’ suggested priority rotation. Based on that I was hoping to at least get 2k dps on a target dummy/in a heroic group, and was hoping for even more. But so far my personal best has been about 1.5k.

My failures at retribution pretty much sum up why I will always respect a good dpser who can do the job well, because I sure can’t just swap some gear and suddenly hit those numbers!

Does anyone who might be reading this have some ideas for a healer who apparently just doesn’t get the nuances of melee dps? I do just fine as a caster – my heroic geared warlock does better than my paladin in T9. Something about retribution just isn’t clicking for me.

To top it all off, ret seems to be dangerous for my tail.

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Pondering dual specs

A post on a weekend? My word!

So for a long time on my paladin I was running as 51/20/0 holy as my main spec, and a tank second spec. I picked up a few 232 level tanking pieces that no one wanted, but I never actually used them. The facts are just that the guild is well-stocked in tanks, so much that some of them have to wave their epeens at each other about how frequently/infrequently they get to tank. So recognizing that I’m not going to tank, I’ve been trying out a 51/5/15 holy build as my second spec.

It blows. Which is a post that will come later, as I explain why I’ve been fully converted to 51/20 when I used to be OM NOM NOM CRIT, RET TALENTS all the way. But since I never find myself using that spec, it only makes sense to pick up a new one.

Retribution. I thought the day would never come, but I’m going to learn to lolret. The only downside is that HAH, like I will EVER get spare dps plate that no one wants. There’s no such thing. But hopefully over the next week or so I can run enough heroics to build up a decent set that will make my ret flailing a passable option for cases when we need to drop down to two healers in our 10 man group, like the Saurfang fight. And speaking of, I really need to remember to post about healing that!

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