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As I announced to the raid last night: I CAN’T HAVE ADD, I HATE MATH. But I do have blog A.D.D. and it’s a sad thing.

Because my attention span is what it is, and my ability to make final decisions is practically non-existent, I decided that it was a poor idea to roll a knitting and World of Warcraft blog into one, seeing as the two don’t commonly intersect, and most people are only interested in one or the other.  SO.  Here we have a WoW blog about being a lazer tossing, rainbow bubbling DISCO PRIEST.

Let’s get this brief introduction out of the way: I’m Sara, I’ve been playing WoW since April 2008, and I plan to blog about my experiences raiding and general priestly things, because I’ve never been too good at having a narrow window of discussion. My main character is a spacegoat priest who’s been discipline spec as long as she’s been around: Celaeno, of Brotherhood of Oblivion on Azgalor. In the past I’ve also raided as a protection/holy paladin (in early Wrath) and a destruction warlock (Burning Crusade). For most of my WoW career I’ve been a die hard Horde player, and until recently I had never managed to get an Alliance character over level 40, but thanks to faction changes, that’s a thing of the past. I still love you, Thrall! I get sad when they don’t let me hang out in Orgrimmar, I just want HUGS. I dabble in a little bit of everything, though my focus is PVE raiding, but I spent most of my time on RP servers and enjoy that, along with occasionally flailing around in battlegrounds and world pvp. I play the game to have fun. If it’s not fun, I’m gone.

More blog posts with actual topics to come in the future. \o/


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