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I didn’t mean to give anyone the impression that I’m thinking about quitting the game with that last post, or have it be some sort of flouncy, convince me it’s worth it type of thing. I love the WoW community and, while I get bored frequently, I do still enjoy the game. Until I start screaming at the thought of playing (which is certainly a point I’ve reached before, hence a several month break), I’ll be sticking around, whether regularly raiding or not. Chances are that I’ll just keep raiding anyway because I always feel that things will get better, and I don’t want to miss it when they do. :D

ANYWAY. I think most of my actual content that isn’t about my crazy emotions regarding this game ends up being posted on I Like Bubbles. For instance, last week’s Friday Flowchart: Upgrading Your Holy Paladin’s Gear! It got linked on WoW Insider, and I know it mostly got attention because they’re familiar with Amber’s blog, but YAY. Getting linked on wow.com for the first time is kind of exciting (but also kind of … anxiety inducing because of potential comments).


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