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Outside of WoW, I’m a teacher (or at least I was when employed, and that’s the field where I’m seeking employment now). Being a teacher means dealing with a group of kids who are mostly strangers and have no real reason to get along, aside from the fact that doing so will make their goals – primarily those of achieving education and growth – easier to accomplish. In a group of 20 or more students, it’s natural that some will get along better than others, cliques will form, and not everyone is going to like everyone else, but still coming together to work as a team in spite of that is crucial.

Yeah, it sounds a lot like being in a guild. You’ve got a goal that you all want to accomplish, whether it be raiding, making your guild tag the most feared in PvP on your server, establishing an amazing and well-respected RP community, or anything else that your group desires. But if people are mucking it up with bitchy quibbles, senseless fights (if I ever hear “he touched me first!” from a kid again I think my head will fall off), and not coming together as a team, it’s just not going to happen.

My mom, who is also a teacher, tells her class at the beginning of the year that they are all brothers and sisters. They may not always get along, they might not like each other, but they are part of a family that needs to do their best to come together. By the end of the year, she always has a class that can work together and who encourage each other to do their best. If you disagree with someone, maybe it’s not always the best thing to do to tell them that their point of view is dumb. Just keep it to yourself, or at the very least, don’t come across abrasively when arguing. Remember that there are other people who don’t think just like you, and might not have the same priorities. Wiping a group because you don’t feel like waiting for everyone isn’t such a big deal to you? Well to me it is, and I don’t want to play with someone who disregards the feelings, time, and effort of others. Don’t like someone’s plans? Well don’t step on their toes and try to change them – go do something else that you want to do. Feeling excluded? Don’t complain about cliques – go out of your way to communicate with and integrate yourself into other groups. In all likelihood, no one’s going to tell you that you can’t sit at their table in the cafeteria. :P At the same time, you can respect that you can’t instantly be best friends with people who have known each other longer.

I know adult relationships are far more complex than a group of children working together in a classroom, but sometimes that’s exactly what it feels like! And it’s no wonder that I’m left thinking that sometimes working with a group of 7 year olds would be easier, because at that age you can at least enforce respect for your peers.

Sometimes I feel like I sound cheesy when I go off on my love everybody rants, but it seriously is not that difficult to just get along with people. It makes the whole experience so much smoother when you check your ego at the door and try to cooperate.


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Girls play healers

Stereotyping is one of those things that send me into a frothing rage. People are not that predictable, and cannot be lumped into such convenient categories. Saying the equivalent of “oh, you like this thing so you must be like this, HAHA” just sets my nerves on edge like few other things can. I’m generally an easy-going girl and I shrug off being picked on because it’s No Big Deal. I’ve got my big girl britches pulled up for that sort of thing, so really there’s a small list of things people can say in game that will make me genuinely mad (for the record, one is breaking out the stereotypes, and the other is saying “heal me now” or “where the heals”, which put you on my do not fucking heal list). One of my guildies did this recently and I was in a private snit about it, not that he would give two bits if he knew anyway. Being the object of my ire just leads to me constantly saying “fuck you” without holding my push to talk button. Scary, I know.

Anyway, the one that pushes my buttons the most in terms of WoW is “girls play healers”. There are two things that bother me about it: the first being that there’s always the implication that girls suck at video games, so that means healers must be easy to play, and the other is that there’s the idea that girls play video games to support their boyfriends, who do all the cool stuff while we stand back and top off their health.

Okay, so the old “girls suck at video games LOL” thing is just stupid, and I’d like to think that by this point people realize that it’s not true. Sure, there are probably girls out there who are just terrible at WoW, but you can’t make a blanket statement like that when there are a lot of guys who suck at playing their class. Having a penis means … you have a penis. No more or less than that when it comes to basic capabilities (aside from peeing standing up /shakesfist). In over a year of playing, I’ve never run into that incompetent female player who talks about her vagina to get epics and can’t keep a tank up to save her life that just about every guy on the Something Awful forums has a story of. It’s just freaking ridiculous to assume that’s what every female player is like.

Healers are easy to play? Yeah, if you believe that they’re inherently easier than any other role, I just don’t know what to say. I vastly prefer healing to dpsing and tanking, but that’s not because they’re easier. Sometimes healing can be incredibly stressful, when hits seem to be coming faster than you can handle. To be a healer you need to be able to pay attention to what’s going on around you and keep an eye on your assignment’s health, and you need to be able to react quickly, because a lot of healing is about reactions and not prevention. Honestly, being good at healing, tanking, or damage dealing all have their challenges, and it bothers me to hear anyone belittle anyone else’s role. We all might pick on dps sometimes, but we know that being good at it isn’t just a matter of pushing buttons in the right order.

The main reason that “lol girls play healers” bothers me is because it’s really just not true. Yes, a lot of girls have healing-capable characters, but there are plenty out there who don’t. Just a cursory glance at the wow_ladies livejournal community will show you that there are ladies with questions about every class and every role. Here is a poll that asks “What is your role on your main toon?”, and the most common answer (40% of the responders) was dps only. Only 10% said that they did healing only, and 15.5% said that they were primarily healers and sometimes dps. That’s still only 25% who identify as primarily healers, which is a far cry from being able to say that girls play healers, period.

What sparked the need to blog about the subject was a conversation in our healer channel last night where one of the guys brought it up, but honestly, it’s an idea I’ve run into for a long time. When I first started playing my paladin in BC there was no way I was EVER going to spec holy, because I didn’t want to fit that stereotype. I was a proud female tank, which is apparently a rarity (nevermind that there are three of us in BoO now that have had tanks as our mains before, not to mention all the others out there), and I didn’t quit tanking until I got tired of some guys in my guild trying to push me out and take over my spot by showing how much tougher and more manly than me they were. Because that’s totally what makes you deserve to tank. I switched to healing because it’s what we needed, and as it turns out, I love it. I’ve spent time raiding in all three roles, and healing is really what’s clicked with me. If that makes me a cliche, so be it, but it really shouldn’t be one in the first place.

The other stereotype about girls is that they like collecting pets and mounts. All I’ve gotta say is that Blizzard didn’t put achievements in the game just for the girls who play, but guilty as charged.

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