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Getting used to the other side

In the past I’ve always played on RP servers, even though I’ve never been one to jump right in and engage in WoW role play, just because years of email and forum rp make me uncomfortable with the format. Despite not really doing much with them, I always develop a personality and a back story for my characters. The Horde races feel so familiar to me and they lend themselves to interesting back stories with ease, especially the blood elves and Forsaken, the two races that I tend to play the most. Now that I’ve transferred to the Alliance side, I feel a little lost.

For one thing, there’s no way to directly transfer their back stories with them – things that work for one race just don’t quite work for another. For instance, my first character, Alhena (now known as Mortaleia, named after a very good friend that I played with on Moon Guard), had a basic reason for becoming a warlock: the death of her family and the fall of the society that she loved so much in the face of the Scourge, coupled with her newly crippling addiction to magic, drove her insane, and she turned to fel energies for the power and strength she felt that she no longer had. It’s probably a cliche for people playing blood elf warlocks, but I had a lot of fun with her insanity, and used it my approach to playing her (she was totally the type to run in and fear bomb in pvp situations, with no regard to personal safety) and her interactions with other players. But because human society doesn’t work quite the same way that blood elf society does, I don’t feel that her reasons for taking up the life of the warlock can be the same, and I’m procrastinating the reworking of her story, because I’m so attached to the old one. Considering that I don’t even RP her, I might just keep her in my head the way that she is.

Celaeno never really had a back story, though, just a general personality and idea that she wasn’t meant to be as haughty as most other blood elves, and perhaps a bit meek. Now that she’s a draenei, that’s not really an interesting personality angle, because it seems to me that “sweet” is the default personality trait of such a pleasant, Light-loving race. I don’t feel that I understand the draenei the way that I understand blood elves. They both have experienced so much pain and upheaval in their ancient and recent histories, but there’s an undercurrent of … not nice, I guess, that I really enjoy about blood elves. I think it’s the same with all of the Horde races – I initially started playing with the idea of the Horde as bad guys of sorts, which is honestly what drew me to them. I’m the girl who cheers for villains in movies, because I think they’re generally complex and interesting characters. I’m having trouble latching onto the Alliance, particularly the draenei, in the same way.

I really do want to get a feeling for my new affiliation, so I think that sometime soon I might dust off my characters on Earthen Ring, or maybe make a new one on Feathermoon, which I’ve been hearing a lot about recently. Maybe just jumping in there and watching other RPers will help me to figure out what I want to do with my character. And of course there’s Arrens’ forums, which should be a good place to bounce ideas around. When I first mentioned not having a grasp on the draenei over twitter, it was pointed out that there’s a section of the boards that would be perfect for that. So developing a character idea for Celaeno, and maybe another, different character just for rp on a server where it actually takes place, has worked its way into my WoW goals.


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