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This is what happens when I mess up and people try to correct me on vent with tortured cries:

Frost likes to peek up my dress.

What I learned from my former home, Moon Guard:

I like this fellow’s thoughts on gear score.


Kotakh and Evis BOTH win.

Gosh, I don’t know if I can keep associating with all of the perverts in this guild.

I love the whole BoO and everyone in it, boom de yada, boom de yada.

What happens when an enrage kills everyone else at less than 1% health? You bubble and you hit that boss with your weak healer’s arms, RAWR.


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My baby tree healer has been doing a lot of heroics. They mostly go okay, though I did occasionally get asked if I can manage to heal H AN with a piddly 1700 spellpower and things like that. Sometimes I get comments like this and I go whuuuuuut.

The draenei casting face pretty much sums up how I feel about healing people who stand in Bad Things. GRR, ORI SMASH.


In other happenings this past week, I made a DK so I can frost tank for Amber’s tree when she hits Outland. I amused myself by grabbing the littlest pony for my mount quest.

And I knocked out a very important achievement on Orithea this week, that made me full of happy.

Those of you who follow our guild probably know that we’re a little perverted.

Sometimes I don’t actually mean it like THAT, though.

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This is what Amber and I do late at night:

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Maybe next week I’ll be back on track with actual Tuesday posts, but today I just want to take the time to share why I love Brotherhood of Oblivion.

First, there’s the guild pastime of picking on our fearless leader:

A universal appreciation of draenei chests in slut plate:

The fact that dirty jokes and pop culture references will always be welcome:

(I can’t be the only person who starts singing Tears for Fears when disrupting shout is announced as “shout … shout” on vent!)

And the fact that anything you mistell can and will be held against you forever. First you need to check out this post that features the original MT about testicular health in gchat.

I’ve also been up to some non-guild shenanigans, including the most amazing save I’ve ever had in a heroic:

And these days I’m getting mah VROOM on.


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Just a small update, because I didn’t manage to finish my extra special surprise theme post finished this week due to laze.

I’ve been told that picking on one of our officers, Hunt, has been a guild pastime for a long time. It makes me laugh when people who aren’t even in our guild are in on it. He was on an alt in this raid, so it was obviously someone who knew him.

Picking on hunters in general is hilarious to me.

We do a lot of joking in g and raid channels while we’re raiding, and I think that really takes some of the pressure off and makes things fun. I have a blast with people who have a great sense of humor. Most of what I screenshot ends up being dirty jokes, like the time Amber asked before Northrend Beasts, “Which worm do I grab?” and was answered “Mine.” by one of the guys. Or Frostscourge letting us know that he has a searing totem (the new demote ranking) in his pants. Here’s a clean one.

And this post wouldn’t be complete if there weren’t something that I’m angry and want to bitch about. Are you someone who likes to tell everyone how to play their class and give them unsolicited, completely basic advice any time that something goes slightly wrong? Then you can DIAF.

Really? That’s how you’re supposed to play a holy paladin? I guess only having been one for months and having kept you up through the other heroics so far, I just wouldn’t know. This shit is right up there with saying “heal me!” I can understand trying to help out someone who’s absolutely floundering (I will sometimes whisper paladins or priests and politely offer help if they’re interested – I’ve only done it a few times and each time they have accepted and thanked me), but when you tell someone to do things that they were already doing, you’re not helping at all.

I also ran into this problem yesterday when I tried to heal a tank with 26k HP buffed through heroic ToC. I hate discriminating against tanks solely on HP, because I know that everyone has to start somewhere, but without a buffer for me to give attention to the other people as needed, the Black Knight is just extremely difficult to heal as a paladin, and especially when the tank has aggro issues and I’m covered in ghouls. Everyone started giving me pointers like “just focus on keeping the tank topped off all the time”, which is kind of insulting, because HELLO, that is my job, I know that’s what I need to do. Eventually after about 5 wipes, the tank disconnected, we found a new one, and completed with no problems.

I need to start thinking about things in WoW that make me happy, because PuG crap and all the other things I’ve complained about lately are making me very grumpy.

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So this past week introduced microtransactions, and tons of user reactions to go along with them. Personally, I think that the people who assume that this will lead to being able to purchase things that actually impact PVE and PVP game play might be overreacting a bit, but maybe I’ll eat my words some day. Anyhow, I bought Lil’KT, because … it’s Lil’KT. C’mon. The sad thing is that as soon as my boyfriend heard about them, we had this conversation: “You’re not going to buy one of those are you?” “… No?” “You already did.” Guilty as charged!

The letter that you get from KT makes it worth it.

And now, a tale of jerkiness. I ran OS 25 on my warlock, for badges and hopefully an upgrade. The T7 glove token dropped, myself, two priests, and a DK rolled on it. It was looted to the DK, which had a bunch of us going LOL WHAT, BAD. The DK apologized, and passed it to a priest who was the next highest roll (I was third). I left not caring about loot, because whatever, it’s T7, and the laughs from a death knight getting a warlock/priest/paladin token were worth it. Then I got this whisper a few minutes later.

No matter what, you can always count on a certain percentage of players to be the kind who think that everyone else is just a little robot in the computer and they don’t owe them anything.

This is what happens when you use Dispersion while mounted on a Mechanostrider:

And this moment pretty much set the tone of the raid for me last night.

“YAY, FUN. Wait, I don’t have a dismount button, wtf UI. I CAN’T GET OFFFFFF!” Yeah. A kind warlock summoned me off the tiger. Later, I moved out of one fire bomb and into another, subsequently dying in the fire. On faction champs I didn’t stand still while trying to cast mass dispel, and wondered why it wasn’t working, because I didn’t see any error messages. That’s definitely one line of .lua that I’m going to have to tinker with.

In my defense, I had canceled for the raid because I knew I wasn’t going to be on top of my game, but decided to give it a shot any way. And hey, we made it through most of ToC even with mini-patch related disconnects and delays!

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