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I don’t think anyone would be surprised to hear that I’m a social gamer. Despite being very shy, one of the main reasons that I play WoW is to interact with other people. Who knows, it may subconsciously have been the reason behind my switch to tanking, then healing – I felt very under appreciated when I played my warlock and was just dps (though my guild master at the time promoted some newer members who didn’t help out as much as I did, to an officer rank, so that was definitely the other reason). Social issues have had unfortunate impacts on my guild membership in the past, and that part of the atmosphere is generally why I will take a hike, rather than anything to do with raiding.

BoO seems to be the exception, and I think it’s because we’re a guild of bloggers. Sure, not everyone has a blog, but I feel closer to and more understanding of the ones who do. I know that the reason for that is simply communication. People love to use vent to talk during raids and during offtimes, and in the past I’ve felt very isolated at times because of it. When everyone’s talking somewhere that I can’t pick up on everything, guild chat tends to be really quiet, and there’s nothing that I can do to include myself. In one of my last guilds, I chatted a lot with the only other (coincidentally also holy!) paladin in our paladin channel, and he was always encouraging me to get onto vent and talk to people during the day, but didn’t understand that I wasn’t comfortable with that. At the time I only used vent when my friend Ashley, who knew me IRL and knows just how much I can’t hear, was on and could relay anything directed at me, or tell me to speak up if I was way too soft.

Vent does still get used a lot in BoO, but the thing I’m grateful for is that there is a lot of text chatter as well. I do log onto vent for our raids and sometimes join into conversations when I can, and I’ve been trying to make a habit of talking more often. I kind of have this crippling fear of talking over someone or saying the wrong thing because I don’t follow the conversation. But I feel that despite this, I know and understand my healing team well because we all chatter in the healer channel during raids, and because most of us who play healers also blog. It makes me so happy to play in a guild where I have this, because it definitely makes those few bad raids with lots of wipes much easier to bear.

This kind of turned into a ramble, but the gist is YAY COMMUNICATION. \o/ It’s why I like saying things in my dungeon groups and handing out compliments, or occasionally saying something silly in trade chat that starts a conversation. It’s undoubtedly why I have a blog, and why I need to do a better job of updating it, even if it means silly personal posts like this, because it’s my blog and I do what I want.

Also, this is why I NEVER make fun of Amber, other than because I luff her.

When I do, she exacts great vengeance!


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My fellow bloggers in the guild pointed out that it’s been a long time since I updated this thing. It’s been a combination of 3.3 borking my addons and me being too stubborn to play without them, then the holiday season distracting me – I went away to my boyfriend’s parents’ house, which meant lag inducing DSL and little laptop screens. Plus I’m feeling like a little bit of a traitor these days, what with my Disco Priest blog and me playing a holy paladin full time!

And as much as I loathe to admit it, I feel really good about holy paladining right now. Disc priesting is fun, and has so many more options than paladin healing, which is probably why I went “F THAT” to paladining as soon as Cel was 80 and ready for raids. At the time I was still in Naxx, which is boring no matter what, and we ran with a superb healing team that included two other holy paladins, so my throughput wasn’t needed at the time. Now in ICC 10, running with a disc priest and resto druid, it just makes more sense to have a holy paladin on the team, and I love the ability to put out huge amounts of healing, while Amber does the mitigating. I feel much more secure than I would if we were running two disc priests in that group, thanks in part to Baconhax. And I LOVE the fights in ICC so far. The mechanics are interesting, which is all it takes to beat the pants off ToC, really.

And now, a meme that Kyr tagged me for ages ago!

World of Warcraft 2009 Year in Review

What did you do in the World of Warcraft in 2009 that you’d never done before? 2009 was the Year of the Priest. I didn’t roll Celaeno until I was thoroughly disgusted with raiding Naxx (let’s see, Orithia hit 80 in mid December, so that means I was definitely tired of that business by January!), and dual boxed her up to 60 quickly, then dungeon healed my way to 80 so I could learn about healing along the way. Healing was also new in 2009 – I didn’t start until all of Crucible’s old BT/Hyjal tank crew finally reached the level cap and wanted tanking spots. There was definitely at least one run where we had 5 tanks, all trying to get in on the action. Since spell plate is easy to collect, I cobbled together a set and the rest is history.

What was your favorite new place that you visited? Ulduar! BEEP BEEP!

What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009? Balance. I mean this in a personal way, not in a game mechanics way. When I let WoW become a big deal and devote a lot of time to gearing and trying to be the very best, I get disgusted with the game and need a break. At the same time, I like to be sure that I’m available when I’m needed. I need to find a good balance of time spent playing and time spent indulging my other hobbies (zomg guys, I got a sewing machine for Christmas!) in the coming year.

What was your biggest achievement of the year? Finally getting 25 man Anub’arak down was amazing. I think I had that feeling when we killed KT for the first time too, but that was dulled by the fact that it was easy every single time after.

What was your biggest failure? Patch day, 3.1, walking into Ulduar 25 full of excitement, spanking Flame Leviathan, only to repeatedly wipe on Ignis trash and never get him down. It was the breaking point for me, and I took a long leave of absence after. This is also about the time that the guild started to fall apart, and my favorite friend was forced to leave the guild, so it was a really low point for me.

What did you get really, really, really excited about? Beacon of Light changes! REJOICE.

What do you wish you’d done less of? Playing because I feel obligated. It had a really negative impact on me when I spent 5 nights raiding, cursing at people who failed in NAXX OF ALL PLACES, and any time that I didn’t want to show up, I was generally told that they needed me, because I’m a tank/healer. It was incredibly stressful and definitely led to burn out. I’m a stubborn broad and too much of doing things that I don’t really want to do will eventually make me balk.

What was your favorite WoW blog or podcast? Undoubtedly Amber’s I Like Bubbles, because she taught me about disc priesting when Cel was a baby, and it’s thanks to her blog that I found my home in Brotherhood of Oblivion. FACTION CHANGE YAY \o/

Tell us a valuable WoW lesson you learned in 2009. Nine times out of ten if a player is a jackass, he is playing a blood elf ret paladin.

One last piece of business: I’d like to direct you to a new BoO blogger, Mach!

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Boomdeyada, boomdeyada!

It’s so easy to get bogged down by negativity when it comes to WoW, especially lately. Boredom and burnout are rearing their heads, and it seems like every other PuG that I step into leaves me wondering how people are smart enough to even function. Sometimes I forget about the things that keep me playing: little things that I enjoy about the game and that have kept me engaged for over a year now.

Crusty Bob – Every single one of my characters takes a screenshot with this turtle who hangs out with the hunter trainer outside of The Exodar. Guys, HE SMILES. A TURTLE WHO SMILES.

Azshara – by far my favorite zone, I’ve always like that it feels deserted and ruinous. The autumn setting is gorgeous, and the lack of quests and people in the zone just adds to that atmosphere of emptiness. If you’ve ever done laps of the zone for herbs or mining, you know it’s a huge place, and there’s something peaceful about having it all to yourself (a few naga aside). The night elf ruins with the toppled Ravencrest Monument are a wonderful illustration of what the elves lost in the Sundering. Since Up (my favorite movie, words just cannot express) came out, I’ve started associating Azshara with the scene when Ellie and Carl lie under the tree watching the clouds – it just has that feeling for me.

Sheddle Glossgleam – Head upstairs in The Threads of Fate, plop yourself down in the Shoeshine Seat, and if you’re as in love with sparkly things as I am, prepare to be thrilled.

Windle Sparkshine – When it gets dark in Dalaran, he turns on the streetlamps, then sells Wendle’s Lighter, which lets you turn on any that he’s missed. :3 Dalaran in general is just a dynamic zone, and it was amazing to explore when Wrath hit and people were slowly trickling into the city.

Naxx doodad – the door in the arachnid quarter doesn’t say this any more, but it used to send me into thralls of glee, making it the only part of Naxx to do so. Doodad nerf ’09, never forget!

Karazhan – I’m a BC baby and this was my first raid. I’ll always remember it fondly for that alone, but the lore and the way that a manor full of sinister spirits speaks to me are what make Karazhan special. The encounters were interesting in ways that other raids have yet to top for me. How freaking amazing was the Opera event? In a similar vein, Duskwood is my favorite Azerothian questing zone. I love spooky undead!

Dorfus Alphamage – I didn’t play in vanilla WoW, but that doesn’t stop me from loving this shout out in Dalaran to a time when dwarves could be mages. How awesome is that spinny braid female dwarf animation going to be on mages in Cataclysm?

Flame Leviathan choppers – I squeal like a little girl when I get to ride around beeping my horn. BEEP BEEP. \o/

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner – Her story and the Lament of the Highborne are hauntingly beautiful. She is by far my favorite faction leader, and I miss being Horde because it means that I’ll never be doing my auctioning and hear her begin to sing. The only appropriate response to her song is to rush to the Royal Quarter and bow in reverence at her feet. People who don’t stay to listen to her sing are heathens!

Downing a boss for the first time – It feels amazing. Congratulations to everyone in Brotherhood of Oblivion for our first Anub’arak 25 kill! I logged off feeling giddy and remembering why I love raiding, that feeling of finally coming together and besting a boss who’s given you trouble in the past is nothing short of euphoric.

That’s just a few things that I can think of, and I know there’s more that I’m missing. My poor boyfriend can attest to the fact that every now and then I just start flapping my hands and squealing over some little exciting thing. The details are part of what makes the game enjoyable for me, and Blizzard does not skimp. So tell me, what do you love about World of Warcraft?

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