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A little bitch about ToC

When I quit raiding back in April, it was partially because the concept of Ulduar wasn’t interesting to me. Machines = BORING. Who cares if there’s an Old God at the end? I came to Northrend to fight some martha focking ZOMBIES. Now that I’m actually running Ulduar, I’m enjoying it and the lore there, but back then, I didn’t think that you could come up with something less interesting to me.

Oh how I’m eating those words with Trial of the Crusader. So uh. There’s this Lich King, but because we’re not supposed to meet up with him until the end of the expansion cycle, we’ll beat up on some giant beasts that the Argent Tournament organizers have captured for us. Sure, it gets more awesome towards the end of the raid, when the Lich King personally shows up to tell everyone what idiots we are for holding our tournament right at his feet, but on the whole, the concept is just boring. Which might be contributing to the fact that running it week after week is really not making me that excited about WoW.

Even worse than being boring is the fact that players are still falling to the gimmicks every time. It’s one thing to accidentally let an orb smack you in the ass during the Twin Valkyr encounter, because those things actually extend beyond their visible forms, so that they can sometimes get you even when they look like they’re far enough away. But … standing in one place? The whole time? C’mon.

And then there’s the Faction Champions. For most of Wrath, Blizzard has been championing “bring the player, not the class”, but here they have a fight where a less-than ideal composition can be a complete road block. I do 10-man ToC on Tuesday nights, which is our less popular raiding night, just judging by sign ups, but it’s the night that works better for me, and we need to spread the healers around anyway. But because it’s a less popular night, sometimes we end up with groups like last night’s, where we have three mages and two priests, which is just a clothy squish fest that is bound to have trouble with the Faction Champs. Between our tanks and other dps, we didn’t have enough interrupts to make it through, and we had to give up for the night after a few tries. It really bothers me that there’s a fight where this is the case – we never have trouble with it in the 25 man version, because there’s a larger mix of classes, making CC and interrupts more viable. It irritates me to no end that about every other week we end up stuck on this fight because we don’t have the right mix of classes.

I’m still having fun because the people that I raid with are fun, but it’s really frustrating at this point.

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